Expand Your Research Team

TGC Research is the premiere boutique research design studio in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area. Our team is positioned to provide investigators with unique expertise and tools to supplement the growth and development of their research enterprise.

We are Curious.

People who want to leave their mark on the world share a common trait: an insatiable need to know. It is not enough to know all that is known. We aren't comfortable with the status quo. We are driven to explore, discover, improve, create, achieve and inspire.

Our Mission.

Our passion is to help build research enterprises that conduct rigorous, high-quality clinical research as efficiently and affordably as possible.

What about You.

You're talented. Creative. Motivated. You are wickedly smart and have a vision. And you are unreasonably passionate about improving people's health and quality of life. You've got the ideas. You just need the right team to help you get them to the table.

Rex Edwards

Rex Edwards

Chief Executive Officer

Rex began his career in marketing research, spending ten years working as a project manager and technical director.

In 2005, he joined the Duke Clinical Research Institute as a research anlayst, serving as a data manager and statistical programmer for a wide range of clinical and economic studies.

Rex then transitioned into project leadership, where he developed and managed observational registries, late phase clinical research trials and networks, and economic studies. During this period, he became interested in utilizing technology to dramatically improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of clinical research

Richard Braun

Richard Braun

Chief Information Officer

Richard holds a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics and has worked extensively in computer systems administration and engineering. He has worked in this capacity for major research-orientated academic programs as well as in Fortune 500 commercial companies.

Through much of his career, Richard has dealt with managing large data sets and providing tools and techniques for processing and trouble-shooting them. He has extensive knowledge of many types of computer-related technologies.

He has developed an interest in applying technology to the collection, management, and processing of data using open source tools. Through this he hopes to improve the reliability and transparency of data analysis applicable to many fields.

Where We Breathe

The majority of images on our website are scenes from around the town in Durham, North Carolina where TGC Research is headquartered. We love Durham for its selection of craft beers, exquisitely delicious food, and beautiful weather.

We are grateful that Durham also happens to be a city that offers unparalleled access to opportunities for clinical research, biotechnology, and information technology. This is a place where people who are curious, talented, passionate, and motivated will find a network of like-minded people who are looking for partners to expand their research enterprise.

Our headquarters are close to Duke University, the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, North Carolina State University, North Carolina Central University, and Durham Technical Community College. We are also near to Wake Forest University and Elon University.

We are in the aegis of Research Triangle Park, which has more than 190 companies and over 50,000 brilliant people dedicated to advancing the fields of micro-electronics, telecommunications, biotechnology, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and environmental sciences.

This is more than an exciting place to be. This is where daring ideas become dreams. Then dreams become shooting the breeze on a veranda over a beer. Then kicking ideas around becomes a research plan. Then a research plan becomes a business plan. Then your vision becomes your reality! If you live and breathe here with us, go ahead. Pinch yourself.